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Get access to our best features
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A Ground News gift subscription is perfect for anyone who is looking for an easier way to understand every side of the news and draw their own conclusions.1. Choose which subscription you’d like to gift
2. We’ll send the recipient their gift subscription, straight to their inbox
3. The recipient will have twelve months to activate their subscription


Is Ground News biased? Would it be a good gift for someone who is a (insert political leaning)?

How can I pay for my gift subscription?

Can I send the gift subscription directly to my recipient?

Will I be charged after the year gift subscription is up?

When and how will the recipient receive their gift subscription?

Can I buy a subscription for someone who is already subscribed to Ground News?

I want to learn more about your company. How can I do so?

Our Mission

You’ll never look at the news the same way again.

We're on a mission to fix a badly broken news ecosystem. A system that is prioritizing political agendas and clicks, while putting you, the reader, last.

Our mission is to reinvent the relationship between you and the news. You - not an algorithm - should be in the drivers seat. The emphasis ought to be on reader empowerment, fostering good habits while also not ignoring technology’s beneficial potential.

Join 250,000 mindful newsreaders who use Ground News to see every angle of the story and become a more informed, well-rounded person.